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Who We Are

AAG Wealth Management (AAG) was founded in 1995 and established to provide long-term, comprehensive and sound financial advice to our clients and their families.

Over the years, that objective has remained at the core of AAG. Our Wealth Management arm of the group has won numerous awards, which have been presented by notable luminaries including, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Christopher Reeve, Lord Sebastian Coe, and The Rt. Hon. Lord Michael Heseltine.

Based in St James, the Group has evolved and includes a CIMA regulated accountancy firm amongst others.

The achievements and successes we have been recognised for is testament to the work we do and, as a result, we have built a reputation second to none for innovative, tailored advice.

Our Approach

We take a ‘family office’ view to personal finance, with a complete focus on the client as an individual. Their confidence in us comes from our approach – we put ourselves in their shoes; only providing advice that we would want in their position.

Financial services may appear intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. We guide our clients through the various facets of their personal finances; from financial plans, investments, legal issues, mortgages and accounting concerns, our qualified and experienced professionals are always on hand to provide the relevant assistance.

We use an analogy, to help clarify the AAG approach:

‘In this country, we all take for granted the presence and availability of our GP when we have a health concern.

Yet our GP is more than a doctor to treat minor ailments. He is also an extensive network of contacts, able to refer us to one of a plethora of specialists, depending on our condition. He confers with these specialists, keeps all our records and always has a detailed overview of our health, past and present.

Why should the same centralised guidance and support not be available for our finances?’

We have always believed it should be, which is why AAG exists.

Our Future

As the business continues to grow, our focus does not waver and we continue to abide by David’s original objective set over 20 years ago.

We do not intend to rest on our laurels. The financial landscape is ever evolving; staying ahead of the game and abreast of changes is crucial.

It is important to us that we always exceed our clients’ expectations.

By simplifying the complex and aligning our goals with our clients’ we are able to secure their financial position and provide security for the next generation.

We continuously strive to go above and beyond; providing an unprecedented level of service and expertise in the financial world.

My Wealth Cloud

My Wealth Cloud

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A lifetime’s paperwork in the palm of your hand.

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