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“AAG came highly recommended – and I was not let down!”

“From the outset, I was really impressed with AAG’s approach. They looked at my personal finances as a whole and, advised me on the most tax efficient structures. Together we implemented a financial plan that has provided me with the confidence of a secure financial future.”

“I don’t have the time to keep up to date with all the changes in the financial industry and how they may affect me. Knowing that the AAG team will keep me informed, allows me to focus on my day job!”

“We’ve been clients of AAG’s for nearly ten years now.  One of the reasons we’ve continued with them is that they seems to be constantly thinking about new and better ways of managing our investments, but always within the parameters of understanding our particular risk profile.  So it feels like they are advising rather than selling.”
“And that, in a sector known for volatility and sharp practices, is both reassuring and welcome.”

“We’d recommend AAG to anyone.”

“20 years ago, I received a call from David Alexander who convinced me to see him to plan my finances. This was probably the best decision I ever made. Since then, I have met with AAG every year and sometimes more than twice a year. Through thorough discussions,  they educate me and advise me on the options I may have based on my personal situation, even the smallest of investments.”

“The performance of my investments have certainly exceeded my expectations, even in the tough market conditions of 2008 and 2009. I often get calls from other firms trying to get my business, but I tell them ‘as long as I get the personal service and attention combined with the performance of my investments, there are simply no reasons for me to consider continuing the conversation’. I have put my trust in the team at AAG, and I plan to continue using the service as long as I need it.”

“I have recommended AAG to many of my friends and colleagues and they have told me that the service quality is outstanding and thanked me for the recommendation.”

“Thank you AAG for your time and advice. We are very grateful and appreciate how freely you make the appointments, even when we don’t have a lot to report to you. We are both pleased with the strides we are making. Your generosity with your time and clear advice have created a solid level of trust for now and the future.”

“I love visiting AAG. My Wealth Manager is a friend as well as an adviser, and it’s always great to see him. I’ve had financial advisers in the past but AAG is the one I’ve learned to trust. My investments are doing well and their advice is for me to stop worrying and enjoy myself – that’s the kind of advice I find easy to take!”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank AAG for all the support Caroline and I have received over the last year.”

“But, of course, a special ‘thank you’ to my Wealth Manager, for your advice and wise guidance, without which we would have been unable to achieve what we have since last March – and with peace of mind!”

“We like the way you work, your blend of cordial informality, patience, and frank, knowledgeable advice.  We both left with a very positive impression.  You identified a number of priorities and concerns that hadn’t registered, but definitely needed to be acted upon.”

“Since we first met, you’ve provided consistently excellent savings, banking and mortgage advice. I never felt compelled to overstretch myself. In every instance, I have received efficient, unbiased advice from yourself and your colleagues at AAG.”

“I feel like I am really getting on top of securing my financial future for both myself and for my sons, with your help and invaluable advice. I have recommended your services to my best friend and business partner.”

“Thanks again for going above and beyond to ensure we got the house of our dreams.”

“Thanks for all your help and patience with me and my finances, I can’t help but feel confident about growing my wealth with you on board.”


“Lesley and I want to thank you again for the help, reassurance and generous amount of your time you kindly gave us yesterday. After living in a state of utter inertia these past few months, unable to formulate any sort of plan, we now feel able to move forward with a degree of confidence and certainly far less worry.”

“I must say that this is all rather superb service and I must express my utter gratitude at the attention to detail, care and concern that you and the team are taking; it only goes to further confirm that I did make the right decision to choose you and your fine institution!”

“My Wealth Manager takes a holistic approach when advising me, paying particular attention to my immediate, as well as long term needs. His aim is to carefully consider and advise in a clear manner the options available to enhance my finances. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Peter’s expertise on how to make the most from my investments is outstanding and, coupled with his personable approach, I feel that he understands what is best for me and my money. I trust him implicitly and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

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