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Financial Education: Transition Services

Any change in life, from a new job, moving house, getting married or having kids, can have a huge impact on your personal finances. But, it’s a time that is often so hectic that we put off today what we can do tomorrow.

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Providing relevant advice

Our Financial Education programme includes a Transition Service which provides relevant advice to individuals who are experiencing change, and enables them to make informed choices and take action.

From an employee’s perspective, they can see how important they are to the company. Providing a lasting positive experience, either before they move on to pastures new or as they settle into a role as a new joiner.

In a more emotive situation, such as redundancies, it can be a huge help for employees, empowering them to take control over their finances and reduce the stress and worry that often comes from the ‘unknown’.

The focus is on ensuring that any flux results in a positive impact on an individuals financial plans.

As an employee joins or leaves a company there are often questions that are left unanswered...


Recruitment & Executive Search

Transition Services does not just have to be for employers. In fact, it’s a great proposition for Recruitment & Executive Search companies to offer their senior candidates as a valuable additional service.

What does it involve?

A one to one consultation with a highly qualified Wealth Manager will provide answers to these questions, look at the impact they have, and adjust or start a personal financial plan.

We recommend Transition Services for the following:

  • Induction and Exit Reviews
  • Redundancies
  • Retirement
  • Contractors
  • Benefit Reviews

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