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The Wealth Medical in Luxury Briefing

Posted: August 12, 2015

Luxury Briefing (Issue 180) features our Wealth Medical in their Luxury Services section.

AAG introduce The Wealth Medical
Mayfair-based wealth management group AAG has introduced The Wealth Medical, a wealth report designed to provide a holistic picture of your financial wellbeing. Just as you would expect to receive a full health examination and subsequent report in a private health clinic, AAG’s comprehensive Wealth Medical covers every aspect of your finances. It assesses your financial wellbeing with the option of a same-day supplementary health check at the Wellington Hospital London, for a full Health & Wealth Check. The detailed assessment will be presented as both a written report and an electronic copy, securely sent via the My Wealth Cloud account. Copies of the report can also be sent to a nominated accountant and solicitor.

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