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The Wealth Medical in Mayfair Times

Posted: August 5, 2015

Mayfair Times (August 2015) features the Wealth Medical and touches on our 20th Anniversary.

“We often work so hard that people simply forget to look after their own health and their financial future,” Alexander tells Mayfair Times at a meeting in his offices on Piccadilly. “It is something we see in a lot of our clients when they first come to us. They are really concerned about their finances and saving or just about preparing for the future, but theyhave no idea where to start. It quickly starts to impact on your health if you do not do anything about it.”

“The idea of a the Wealth Medical is to provide a ‘health’ check-up for an individual’s finances, with the results of the check-up compiled in a report that details any money-related issues a client might have – varying from inheritance tax planning to pension savings.”

“Often for our clients, there are so many different aspects to their wealth – savings, mortgage, pensions, inheritance – and so much work goes into making sure this report covers absolutely everything and has all of the most up-to-date information about financial allowances and rules.”

“The report will empower clients to make decisions now for their long-term security,” says Alexander.

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