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Where there’s a Will…

Posted: May 6, 2014

We all spend time thinking about our future, and even planning for it, but not many of us plan for all eventualities.

It is reported that more than two thirds of people in the UK do not have a Will . So, it’s clear that the large majority of us are not facing the realities of the future. Whether we like it or not, it’s an unavoidable fact that, one day, we will die.

“42.1 million people in the UK do not have a Will”

On the whole, death is not something that we want to think about, but unless we have plans in place our families could end up having to deal with a great deal of costly paperwork and stress when they are also bereaved.

But, it is unavoidable
Writing a Will doesn’t need to be daunting. Getting the right advice from a friendly lawyer will ensure that you consider everything and write a robust Will.

Lesley Morgan, Principal Lawyer and Head of AAG Legal Services, gives us her top tips to consider when preparing to write, or update, your Will.

“It basically boils down to writing some lists. I would divide a sheet of paper into 3 columns. In column one, write down all of your assets. In column two, list where they are located. And, finally in column three note down who you would like to leave them to.”

“Set your lists aside for up to a week, and then read them again” Lesley advises. “Now that you’ve had some time to reflect and consider, you may wish to make some changes. But, once you are happy with your list, book an appointment with a friendly solicitor to discuss your options and transform your lists into a Will.”

When it’s put as succinctly as that, it’s even more surprising that 42.1 million people in the UK do not have a Will.

Lesley concludes, “Remember look after the paperwork now and the pounds will take care of themselves.”