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Women & Finance

Posted: March 9, 2016

Amrit Sandhu, Wealth Manager at AAG, looks at how women’s attitude to finances has changed.

Over the last century, our views have evolved on gender roles, most women can look back at their mothers and grandmothers time and see how we stand differently today. Women find that we have choices that our previous generations didn’t and we have the opportunity to do things differently. Women are slowly but surely becoming more and more empowered to succeed through the ranks

As a Wealth Manager, I recognise that women often neglect their own finances. My own goal is to help women take control of their wealth, as there are significant gaps in how women save for their futures.

A hot topic in wealth management at the moment, is Pensions and I was shocked to discover that women save around 40% less into their pension pots compared to men.

Most women say they just don’t understand how much they will need for their retirement, or about pension products themselves. The changes in legislation mean we are going to be more reliant on our personal pensions, but what if there is not enough in your pot for the lifestyle you want to have?

My role as a Wealth Manager helps women gain some piece of mind to secure their lifestyles and financially plan for their future.

Although it may seem like some time off, the sooner you start saving, the easier it will be to give yourself a more comfortable lifestyle in the future. What do you dream of doing? How can we make that a reality? Even if you start putting away smaller amounts now it is better than doing nothing.

I hear lots of statistics everyday but one that has stuck in my mind is that the average person spends around 45 minutes looking at their own finances. I encourage you all to permit yourself just 10 minutes now to evaluate your own circumstances and see if you are on track of achieving your goals.