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Employee Benefits

We spend time getting to understand your business, so that we can recommend the most suitable benefit solutions for you and your employees.

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An attractive benefits package

An attractive benefits package for your employees can make the difference when it comes to employee engagement, loyalty and attracting new candidates.

So, it’s important to get it right!

Working with St. James’s Place Wealth Management

We choose to work with St. James’s Place Wealth Management to provide some of our Employee Benefit solutions, more information on this can be found on our associate website: www.aagwealthmanagement.co.uk

Pensions & Auto Enrolment

Pensions, whilst still a key employee benefit, have become a hot topic for employees and is therefore high on the agenda for many companies.

Where employees are likely to hit their lifetime allowance, their employer pension contributions effectively cease to be a benefit. It’s important that this is not overlooked, and that advice is sought on how to capitalise on being in this position.

For those employees nearing retirement, the options of what to do with their pension pot has suddenly become much more diverse. Understandably many employees are nervous about making a decision, but they need to take expert advice.

It’s vital that employers address these issues, and ensure that their pension offering continues to be a benefit for all.

Our experts will advise you on the most suitable pension plan for your employees, whilst helping you to comply with Auto Enrolment.

We choose to work with St. James’s Place with our Group Pensions, more information on this can be found on our partner website.

The value of an investment with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up.  You may get back less than you invested.

Group Life & Critical Illness

Providing Life and/or Critical Illness cover, is considered an essential employee benefit.

Without adequate cover, your employees could be worrying about money at a time when there are other things to focus on. The right policy will relieve financial pressures, and ensure your employees and their families are taken care of.

With a range of solutions available, it’s important to evaluate which policy is the most appropriate for your group scheme – after all, no two companies are the same.

Our job is to guide you through this process, recommending the most suitable option and ensuring your employees feel like their life and welfare are valued.

Group Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance is a highly valued employee benefit. But, it’s not just valued by the employee; it plays an important role in keeping absenteeism to a minimum, so is also a benefit to the company.

A business needs its staff to function, and research shows that healthy employees don’t just take less time off sick, they’re three times more productive than employees in poor health. (Source: Work Foundation Healthy Work Report)

There are a range of private healthcare policies on the market, each coming with their own benefits and exclusions. We’ll walk you through the options, and help you to administer your Group PMI scheme – ensuring maximum employee engagement.

Group Income Protection

Providing your employees with the peace of mind that if they are unable to work due to illness or injury, they will not have to worry about their income.

It’s estimated that long-term absence, of more than 6 months, costs the UK private sector £3.1 billion (Source: The Centre for Economics and Business Research, 2012) – causing a strain for many SME’s.

However, a Group Income Protection policy ensures that your employees can take the time needed to recover, working towards getting back to work, without having to worry about their finances.

Financial Education

At AAG, we believe that everyone should be financially aware, and able to make informed decisions about their personal circumstances, which is why we run our popular Financial Education programme.

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