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Whether it’s a new home, a holiday home or an investment property, our dedicated experts will find you the perfect property.

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AAG Property Search provide a comprehensive and confidential property acquisition service, helping you to find a property to buy or rent, be it a home or an investment.

Traditionally, property search companies are independent entities, used by multinational companies to relocate their employees. AAG Property Search offers this invaluable service to those who have an idea about what they want from a property, but simply don’t have the time to scour the market to find it.

We are uniquely positioned within the property search market. We couple our extensive real estate knowledge and financial prowess to advise on the property itself and the most appropriate means of funding.

Whether you are looking for a main residence, investment or commercial property, AAG Property Search has the experience to guide you from your initial brief through to completion.

Property Search starts with a detailed brief, finding out exactly what you require. Then, using our networks, contacts and the open market, AAG Property Search find a selection of properties to present to you for consideration.

We help you through the entire process, bringing in specialists, such as our Mortgage experts, Lawyers and Accountants where required.

Working with JM Realty International

JM Realty International is a real estate company, working in the UK and abroad, offering exclusive property investment opportunities

Hand picking properties and developments to present to the client, they carry out the due diligence to ensure that, before they start to market a property, they know all there is to know and are excited about the opportunity themselves.

Uniquely, JM Realty International are very selective about the properties they represent, and only work with a limited number of properties at any one time.

To find out about the investment opportunities JM Realty International are currently representing, visit:

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