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Finding the right school for your child can be a minefield and there’s a lot to learn...

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Alexander Lang  is here to help you through the UK independent school process, so that finding the right school doesn’t become an overwhelming experience for you and your family.

The full schools consultancy service takes care of the conversations and, importantly, the paperwork with the schools, headteachers and admissions departments; providing heartfelt yet incisive advice whilst accompanying families on school visits.

Alexander Lang makes the process simple and straight-forward, saving you valuable time, stress and unnecessary upheaval.

The Alexander Lang Approach

Alexander Lang’s holistic approach brings together specialists who provide the support, reassurance and guidance every family needs.

They listen to your family’s priorities and your child’s needs to enable them to recommend the most suitable schools.

Their expert team has extensive knowledge of the British independent school system and the schools that exist within it. They are here to help you navigate the process, by providing professional and honest advice, ensuring their interests are aligned with those of you and your child.

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